Counter Thought: Ideologies


Can ideologies become harmful?

Yes. If you do not understand your ideology and instead you chose to accept it at face value, never challenging it, or searching for weaknesses, and only follow it blindly, are you not a lemming? Does the value of your life, then, somehow decrease? We are each individuals with unique perspectives on life. We have our own voices. Our own thoughts. As a result, we have diverse ideas and concepts to contribute to our world. And doesn’t your voice become muted when you blindly accept the values of another? Image


Food for Thought: Ideologies


What is an ideology?

An ideology is usually defined as a set of beliefs and practices shared by a group of people. But isn’t that a simplification of it? An ideology, to me, is how we as humans perceive our world. It’s how we cope with difficult realities. It’s our personal values and our political doctrines. It’s how we lead our lives. Everyone has an ideology, usually multiple. There are religious, political, social, personal, familial, educational, business, etc. It’s endless. But what does it mean to you? What are your ideologies?Image

Her Intentions


I have to make change. I have no other choice. I will not be satisfied with my life, unless I do.

I have started this blog as a means of encouraging those who feel constrained or limited in their ability to help or change the world around them. For those who see what atrocities and injustices humans are capable of committing and want to help but feel they have nothing to offer, or that there is simply too much suffering for any one person to make a meaningful difference. My other intention is that I want to encourage those who feel or are restrained by social standards. We are stronger and more competent than what we perceive ourselves to be capable of accomplishing. I endeavor to not only make more people aware of this truth, but more importantly to help them embrace this truth.Image